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November 11, 2013 1:14 pm by small image

Yumestate offers a package deal on creating, designing, developing and setting up your website on your preferred web server. This includes graphics, photo editing, content management, and tutorials on how to utilize the website once it’s complete.

Users and clients do not require an understanding of web programming. The Content Management System (CMS) WordPress, is a free open-source platform that has a interface for easy editing of the website once it is built.

A typical project consists of the following steps:

  1. A business-client meeting is setup to discuss the potential project details
  2. Project requirements are analyzed to determine how many hours roughly of work is needed
  3. A second meeting is established to go over details of the project
  4. Once the client agrees to have the website built, a template is designed to showcase the layout
  5. Typically the rest of the communication involves email and exchange of files or downloads. During this process, the website is then completed with hours recorded.
  6. After completion, a walk-through is done to guide the client to understand how the website functions and where to find the details of the project on the internet.

A certain level of trust is important when a project is created in order to maintain a good working relationship with clients. Communication is a very effective way to establish trust, and Yumestate will always stay connected with clients. We ask that our clients do the same, so that if there is ever an issue, we can work it out.

Pricing varies specifically to each project and how demanding the tasks are on our resources and time. To give an idea for clients on what to expect, for a website with little to no graphics and just a basic template for the layout, Yumestate charges $100-300 Canadian Dollars. Once again, keep in mind this range will vary greatly depending on what is expected and required for the project.

Yumestate does NOT provide web hosting services. Every website requires a web hosting server in order for it to be located on the internet. Typically there are many businesses and companies that provide this service, which is why Yumestate does not. Recommendations on web hosting packages and where to purchase them are available, but are optional and up to the discretion of the client.

There are 3 components of setting up a website:

  1. The website itself
  2. The domain name registration
  3. The web host/server that houses the website

Yumestate will build a website, but it is up to the client to decide where and how they want the website to be hosted. That requires an additional cost calculated per month (or per year), based on the contract with the web host. There is also a domain name registration fee, similar to how you purchase a designated parking spot for an apartment or for work. This fee is calculated typically on a per year basis.

As always, questions are welcome as we understand that web design can be a difficult and daunting concept to understand.