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November 11, 2013 1:11 pm by small image

Yumestate houses a wide variety of projects, ranging from government-related, to business, to personal use. There is virtually no limit to what kinds of websites Yumestate can build, provided there is enough resources and time to manage the request.

It is important to note that Yumestate is not a web host, meaning we do not provide services to contain your website on the internet or to register a domain name. If you would like more information regarding this, please refer to our “services” link located at the very top or bottom of this page.

These websites listed below are all designed by Yumestate. Feel free to visit them at your leisure.

anime.yumestate.com was a project designed for Anime and Manga blogging. It was built for authors to collaborate on their favourite characters and stories, as well as allow them to share their thoughts.

anime2.yumestate.com was an overhaul of the existing anime.yumestate.com, with a new layout and upgraded graphics. The website was officially shut down on October 2012, due to the amount of authors no longer being available.

Compusmiles.ca is a website built for the Denture clinic located on Corydon Ave. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The website features a slideshow gallery, along with Google Maps™ integration.

StudioTim was an experimentation website which became the kickstarter for integrating JavaScript. It was the first iteration of blogging that I did without a Content Management System. You will be able to see the JavaScript in action if you click on the Different “Light” and “Dark” themes located at the top navigation.

WinnipegJourney.com is a website that provides information on a growing house church located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Though simple in nature, it features the same Content Management System found on most of Yumestate’s projects. This means that regardless of the project, the relative ease of updating and adding content will remain the same across all websites.

8Retreat was the first iteration of multiple CSS styles being implemented on a single website.

9Retreat was the second and final iteration of the multi-CSS option available for end-users. The website was closed in 2008.

Please check back frequently for more projects to be added under Yumestate’s portfolio.