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small image Update Summer 2015

August 24, 2015 6:05 pm by small image

In the past two years, I haven’t been utilizing this website as much as I should. There are several reasons why, but listing them wouldn’t change the fact that there haven’t been any updates for such a long time. I won’t make any promises anymore on keeping yumestate up-to-date, simply because it would be unrealistic at this point in time with my present obligations and limited free time. However, I will promise to keep up and running so that I don’t lose sight of what I have created and developed over the years. I want to be proud of the personal accomplishments this website has helped me achieve, regardless of how little and minor they are.

Nowadays, a website can be created automatically with a website generator or through several self-learning tutorials. Most of what I learned over the years can be done with a few clicks on a professional web-building business website. If you’ve studied HTML and CSS and/or have a little knack for graphic design in Adobe Photoshop, you’ll design something probably better than what I have now.

Regardless, looking back at what I created makes me happy that I went down this path of self-learning and growth. My knowledge of best-practice HTML/CSS is outdated now and my expertise is no where what it used to be. Thankfully I never intended to make this a full-time career choice, and it has always served as a hobby and pasttime of mine. Because of this, I was able to work at my own pace and enjoy the experiences of developing and designing your own website. From Macromedia Dreamweaver templates, to plain text editor HTML, to image maps, to blogging without PHP, adding content management platforms such as WordPress, it was definitely an adventure amidst the frustrations.

So I will continue to keep yumestate alive, and I hope that I can update it as frequently as possible. As I said before, I won’t make any promises because that would be unrealistic. However, I will always be happy with the way yumestate has turned out. Thanks.

If you stumbled on this website out of random curiosity, there isn’t too much on this website that will keep your curiosity piqued. That being said, feel free to have a look around:

  • There was a time when I took pictures of Gundams and featured them on, a previous version of the website
  • I wrote about my university life and my struggles on, a previous version of
  • When I was still in junior high, I wrote several short stories about my friends. Keep in mind these aren’t meant to be serious and were written at a much different phase in life.
  • At one point, was an anime blog website that had several authors contributing content (
  • I used to write reviews and articles on anime series, you can visit either of the links ( or above to see details

There’s a lot more content on here, though it is scattered throughout Don’t let that keep you from browsing and checking out the website though.

Currently, yumestate is a mix of sorts, from showcasing my portfolio, to archiving photographs that I’ve taken with my DSLR, to writing on things happening in my life at the moment. If you liked anything on here, don’t be afraid to comment or say something on the facebook/twitter page. Thank you for visiting 🙂